Mr. Hankey Big Daddy Deep Ride


Added on Jul 9, 2018

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Another glorious ride on my silicone dildo. This is the Big Daddy small dildo. Small is a relative term for this line of dildos. Hopefully, this helps people considering what size to buy. In this video, I am riding as deep as I can (or will) go. I use organic coconut oil and the actual session is about 30 minutes. Thirty minutes of continuous riding. I don't ride for display. I ride to get a deeply satisfying massage and sessions go from 15 minutes to an hour or more. I work it in and I go deeper only as my man pussy allows it -- pain free. Only pleasure. No soreness. This dildo is soft enough for a good ride but it is stiff and can take a push into my tight ass. You can see it buckle a little under pressure. I do this daily. Sometimes twice a day. It feels so fucking good, doesn't give STIs and doesn't come with drama.

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Mr Hankey Big Daddy First Ride
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