Knotfucking XL Cole the Dane 06:09

Knotfucking XL Cole the Dane

31482 views, 1000 days ago

Cramming myself with XL Cole the Dane - god I love getting rammed by his knot over and over~ XL Cole from here: Got a toy video request? Hit me up on Twitt...

XL Cockatrice Ride 02:34

XL Cockatrice Ride

21320 views, 1000 days ago

Some nice hot footage of me taking on XL Crackers the Cockatrice, from Bad Dragon: Got any requests? Ask me on Twitter!

XL Sleipnir - Session 3 08:03

XL Sleipnir - Session 3

33771 views, 1048 days ago

Lots of lube, lots of pullout, and lots of hard thrusts! All viewed from the front. Sleipnir is a beast. <3

XL Sleipnir - Session 2 03:38

XL Sleipnir - Session 2

13174 views, 1048 days ago

Squeezing him in, popping him out, and getting to within an inch of hilting him! Also some fun pullout at the end <3

XL Sleipnir - Session 1 03:06

XL Sleipnir - Session 1

12924 views, 1048 days ago

Some deep thrusting, some front view, and a TON of cumlube!

Rex - 4 knots at once 07:11

Rex - 4 knots at once

40583 views, 1371 days ago

Messing around with all five sizes of Rex the German Shepherd from Bad Dragon. Juuuuust manage to get all four of the smaller sizes in at one time. Woo, quadruple knotted!

XL T-Rex - Second Ride 06:33

XL T-Rex - Second Ride

69443 views, 1372 days ago

A second video of riding the T-rex. I get a bit further down on it this time! Still love him so much <3

XL T-Rex Hilted 05:43

XL T-Rex Hilted

468704 views, 1381 days ago

It can be done!