more internal flint cumming 01:37

more internal flint cumming

2443 views, 138 days ago

med flint cumming with internal view camera. i was pretty full with everything in there so i couldnt hold him in too long

Flint cum fill condom from inside 01:45

Flint cum fill condom from inside

6062 views, 198 days ago

not real cum... or fake cum... just water... lame. anyway, more gopro in the butt stuff, NOW WITH LIGHT!

Deeeep in my ass 04:32

Deeeep in my ass

4755 views, 326 days ago

probably the best one so far. used XL roland to push the camera in then cum lube bottle and a flashlight to get some more light in there and finally tried filling up with an enema to see what that ...

more butt cam stuff 02:49

more butt cam stuff

1676 views, 383 days ago

i need to think of a name for this XL roland and flashlight up my ass, trimmed down for less boring darkness. tell me what you think

some more butt cam 01:20

some more butt cam

1589 views, 399 days ago

another piece i trimmed from a longer video. XL roland pushing a gopro deep in me and then fucking my ass. let me know what you think

more of something completely different 01:40

more of something completely different

1292 views, 400 days ago

trimmed down a longer session. more XL roland and at a little after a minute, XL chance peeks in. i can down to his medial ring with and with out the camera. its just hard to see since hes black l...

and now for something completely different 02:02

and now for something completely different

4420 views, 404 days ago

out of shear curiosity a shoved a gopro session in my ass and found more than black video after. a bit of practice later and i got it all the way up into my sigmoid colon. there is a bit of just bl...