Riding spree (9/15) 18:01

Riding spree (9/15)

by Zoen
2210 views, 84 days ago

Just something to tide you guys over. This was recorded yesterday (as of the upload) and trimmed up not too long ago. Proof I'm still alive and well, and getting back to doing what I do best. To...

POGO 04:49


by heatskr2000
2667 views, 447 days ago

I bounce between ECProsthetics - Giganticock and Mr. Hankey's - Big Daddy. DP at the end!

Stretching Before a Workout 05:10

Stretching Before a Workout

by Otterboy
7457 views, 2103 days ago

New video with the Large Tail Stretcher. Hope you like it! Next video will be with the XL David.

Variety is the spice of fun! 29:37

Variety is the spice of fun!

by Raziel
27621 views, 3249 days ago

So it's been awhile since I've added anything on here and I've gotten a number of toys since then. Having recently put up a review for my collection thus far, I thought a video review might provide...