XL Fenrir Knotting 05:47

XL Fenrir Knotting

by Fenicore
2183 views, 459 days ago

Once you pop, you just can't stop!

H.R. Giger Fucking! (Akifu toys) 06:39

H.R. Giger Fucking! (Akifu toys)

by Fenicore
5016 views, 522 days ago

Got a chance to play with some Akifu toys when I went to play with ShapedLight. I have to say, they're pretty damn fun! I'm pretty sure it's not called Geiger but it should be. Thing looks straight...

XL Roland Cockery 16:19

XL Roland Cockery

by bitches
12801 views, 829 days ago

is it cheating if i've hardly played the fallout games? also: hideous inability to customize thumbnails strikes again!

Terra pressing in hard 04:54

Terra pressing in hard

by Cirrus
5001 views, 830 days ago

God, this toy's knot is STILL too big for me to taaake

More solo toy play 01:26

More solo toy play

by Felcat
3150 views, 860 days ago

Just me and a nice dildo

Short Toy Play 01:23

Short Toy Play

by Felcat
2642 views, 888 days ago

Just me taking a big dildo

Medium Seadragon Large Griffon 07:33

Medium Seadragon Large Griffon

by reddbunny
9936 views, 911 days ago

I was in the mood again :-P Also I need to straighten my hair again shower ruined it q_q

Playtime 10:05


by reddbunny
10982 views, 912 days ago

First video with my new XL Griffon. It looks like I can almost take the knot on my Large Cole. God that toy feels good to ride.