Goliath meets Boss Hogg 05:58

Goliath meets Boss Hogg

by Puter1
2705 views, 232 days ago

My new Goliath just arrived today and I wasted no time introducing him to Boss Hogg. The two became instant pals.

XL Flared Chance Attempt 04:04

XL Flared Chance Attempt

by coffeemuck
4339 views, 257 days ago

Split 3/8 firmness, Cumtube

Mr. Hankeys toys Boss hogg xxxl 09:38

Mr. Hankeys toys Boss hogg xxxl

by 2002tiiguy
4485 views, 260 days ago

working on getting this monster buried. lot of fun but he is massive

Crackers XL 03:02

Crackers XL

by Puter1
1705 views, 295 days ago

Just a quick video of me playing with Bad Dragon’s XL Crackers.

Anal with a can 00:53

Anal with a can

by macman25401
328 views, 297 days ago

Can insertion

Another Boss Hogg 01:11

Another Boss Hogg

by Puter1
1002 views, 306 days ago

Just some more evidence of my determination to become one with the Boss. Sadly, The Boss always seems to win

XXXL Dragon - Mr. Hankey's 04:23

XXXL Dragon - Mr. Hankey's

by xZFhK301
5792 views, 318 days ago

Circumference near head: 11.25" Circumference near middle: 12.75" Circumference near base: 11.00" Overall length: 15.75" Insertable length: 14.00"

XXXL Seahorse and XXXL Boss Hogg - Mr Hankey 06:29

XXXL Seahorse and XXXL Boss Hogg - Mr Hankey

by Ffdblwide
3740 views, 340 days ago

This was during my first day of play. At some point in this video I got smart and put down a small step stool. Guys, I am almost 6'4", so coming down this far to ride toys is rough on the kn...