L Chance + L Nova, MASSIVE BALLS 11:03

L Chance + L Nova, MASSIVE BALLS

by stretchyotter
5441 views, 1153 days ago

After inflating another 2L of saline into my sack, I thought it'd be fun to take a nice ride on my Chance, and swapping out for Nova and just blowing my load right before that knot could slip in, o...

She fists and sucks 06:01:16

She fists and sucks

by SuperJoyStick
3517 views, 1793 days ago

She gives me a nice, deep fisting and goes down on me while she's doing it.

Sounding With Terra 02:13

Sounding With Terra

by ninloz
4887 views, 1799 days ago

You guys seemed to like my last video, so I grabbed another part of the same session. This was right before the Nox clip, so there's no finish with him. I do plan on having another session with the...

Sounding with Nox 02:07

Sounding with Nox

by ninloz
5930 views, 1806 days ago

I saw PurpleGryphon's video on here where he used the teenie weenies for sounding and I wanted to give them a shot. It took a little time, but I finally got to where I could take Nox all the way! I...

Mini Dicks for Sounding 06:02

Mini Dicks for Sounding

by PurpleGryphon
9457 views, 2284 days ago

***Caution! Sounding*** Cannot believe I didn't post this here. I found a use for those wonderful little mini dicks that I've acquired at a convention or two. Not quite full toy use, but I think...

Teenie Sounding - Taking the Knot 01:14

Teenie Sounding - Taking the Knot

by VodkaRoo
22645 views, 2453 days ago

So, you may know the Kippy the Caline toy has a knot in addition to having little bumps. This is still true in the miniature version, which makes it an excellent choice for sounding if you're exper...

larger 16 inch urethral sound inserted through prostate into bladder 03:56

larger 16 inch urethral sound inserted through prostate into bladder

by Darek
68696 views, 2486 days ago

another video of me using my new sound for the very first time, its MUCH bigger than my other one so it takes a little bit to get it into my bladder, its a very amazing intense feeling :3 im learni...

Knotting XL Werewolf 05:39

Knotting XL Werewolf

by bambou81
33714 views, 3305 days ago

First attempts with this Werewolf I just received. XD The color was really a surprise as I adopted an other in a more natural color but BD lost it!