L Chance + L Nova, MASSIVE BALLS 11:03

L Chance + L Nova, MASSIVE BALLS

by stretchyotter
2723 views, 83 days ago

After inflating another 2L of saline into my sack, I thought it'd be fun to take a nice ride on my Chance, and swapping out for Nova and just blowing my load right before that knot could slip in, o...

She fists and sucks 06:01:16

She fists and sucks

by SuperJoyStick
2880 views, 723 days ago

She gives me a nice, deep fisting and goes down on me while she's doing it.

cumming on the knot 06:48

cumming on the knot

by spew
4382 views, 725 days ago

after all the play I finally had to bust my load

first knotting 02:44

first knotting

by spew
3044 views, 725 days ago

slow pullout after enjoying the fullness, he reallt stretched my cumslit open

tied the knot 08:09

tied the knot

by spew
4279 views, 726 days ago

love taking the knot

taking the knot 01:09

taking the knot

by spew
3578 views, 726 days ago

I loved the little tiny toys so I ordered and this is what happened. Ill tell you, the knot is very hard to get in but once it, its stuck, what a horny feeling to feel it bulging inside my cock

Sounding With Terra 02:13

Sounding With Terra

by ninloz
3791 views, 729 days ago

You guys seemed to like my last video, so I grabbed another part of the same session. This was right before the Nox clip, so there's no finish with him. I do plan on having another session with the...

Sounding with Nox 02:07

Sounding with Nox

by ninloz
4732 views, 736 days ago

I saw PurpleGryphon's video on here where he used the teenie weenies for sounding and I wanted to give them a shot. It took a little time, but I finally got to where I could take Nox all the way! I...