BD Chance fucking again 00:39

BD Chance fucking again

by Squirlybutt
1934 views, 48 days ago

Letting the stallion take me again :3

Medium BD chance fucking 01:44

Medium BD chance fucking

by Squirlybutt
1196 views, 48 days ago

Taking my Medium Chance Unflared all the way

Femboy with Extra Large Chance 04:23

Femboy with Extra Large Chance

by wizafterdark
2380 views, 59 days ago

Ordered this online while at FWA after seeing that the BD table didn't have one in soft. Got a long way to go, still!

Femboy with Large Rex 03:18

Femboy with Large Rex

by wizafterdark
1269 views, 59 days ago

Enjoy! I haven't knotted this YET, but it seems to mostly be a depth issue as another time I almost did, but the tip got too uncomfortable too fast.

XL Glyph 2 01:47

XL Glyph 2

by coffeemuck
908 views, 77 days ago

Medium firmness, Suction cup and Cumtube

XL Glyph 1 03:06

XL Glyph 1

by coffeemuck
905 views, 77 days ago

Medium firmness, cumtube and suction cup

Knotty Rex 05:10

Knotty Rex

by MikeyM
2483 views, 97 days ago

I've been meaning to make this video for a long time, but got fixated on my large toys. One day, I rediscovered the Large Rex with its "smallish" 3" diameter knot, broke out the came...

XL Sleipnir 10:14

XL Sleipnir

by bonuspak
13684 views, 825 days ago

At the end of a wild session, my monster Sleipnir cock puts the finishing touches on my hole. Man... that thing is huge.