Humiliation for Sir James 01:14

Humiliation for Sir James

1387 views, 934 days ago

Thank you sir, for taking the time out of your day to expose a stupid diaper fag like me, my diapers are bigger then me and this shows I'm a big diaper faggot.

XXL Egg Plug & Giant Incapacitator Dildo 02:22

XXL Egg Plug & Giant Incapacitator Dildo

2988 views, 1056 days ago

Stuffing my hole with my largest Square Peg Egg Plug, then fucking myself senseless with my huge Incapacitator Dildo

Porch enema for Master 01:28

Porch enema for Master

1855 views, 1145 days ago

My master directed me to humiliate myself in public using my biggest enema bag and a huge diaper

Chastity & Plug Diaper Fag 00:54

Chastity & Plug Diaper Fag

7087 views, 1235 days ago

Desperate Diaper Fag- My pathetic cock is locked in chastity, straining for release. My diaper is 15 layers of thick, squishy heaven, filled with J-lube and melted Vaseline that has leaked out of...

Diapered with a dildo 06:16

Diapered with a dildo

4114 views, 1320 days ago

Huge dildo under a thick diaper. First half is me working my hole with my diaper on, shoving it home then feeling it slide out until it gets held by the diaper, then pounding it back home again . ...

Dildo ride & cumshot 02:50

Dildo ride & cumshot

1440 views, 1320 days ago

Working my ass on my beloved soft black shaft, jerking my shaved cock off until I cum

Big Black Shaft 00:40

Big Black Shaft

1185 views, 1320 days ago

My first dido over 2.5" diameter. It was soft like a modern SquarePeg's Super-soft silicone toy, so I was able to take it, even though it was much thicker than most of my toys at the time.

Early Showerbang 02:30

Early Showerbang

1015 views, 1320 days ago

One of my first recorded dildo sessions. Spent hours in a thick diaper with what back then was a fairly large buttplug. Hopped in the shower, loosened up with some smaller toys, then switched to ...