Exotic Erotics Elephant XL (making huge belly bulge) 04:47

Exotic Erotics Elephant XL (making huge belly bulge)

by cLxJaguar
2312 views, 109 days ago

This massive beast is really a challenge : Elephants are MASSIVE !

Riding the XL Breeder 03:22

Riding the XL Breeder

by varka
11651 views, 2302 days ago

Hnnnnngh, one of my favorite toys ever! The ridges and taper feel incredible, and the knot is SOMETHING ELSE! He also makes amazing slurping noises.

Femmy Elephant ride 04:30

Femmy Elephant ride

by Mikey
71537 views, 2404 days ago

I don't really know what to say.... I had fun o3o

Elephant ride 04:29

Elephant ride

by Mikey
29536 views, 2917 days ago

I was playing with my toys again, and since I was so warmly welcomed here, I thought I would post another video of me indulging myself. Thanks everyone. Large EE Elephant trunk (3).