giving nox a good right 07:00

giving nox a good right

1321 views, 622 days ago

after a week of not even pawing off and even longer with out useing a toy i take nox, and try and fist.

Riding the nox 16:02

Riding the nox

1238 views, 720 days ago

got some time to ride my nox. had to run the shower to make my roomate thing i was cleaning and not getting dirty

more nox fun 01:03

more nox fun

1621 views, 749 days ago

able to take more of my nox now why dose it flip the video?

nox for the first time 02:24

nox for the first time

1722 views, 751 days ago

i just got this today. i haven't had any thing in me for years so yeah it's only warming up. also sorry for the blob in the corner. i had to prop it up with another toy. but god it felt to good.