Patrick the Ogre Dildo - XL and XXL from 02:05

Patrick the Ogre Dildo - XL and XXL from

1675 views, 48 days ago

I start out with the XL and then blow my load with the XXL inside me.

Mr. Hankey's Boss Hogg XXXL 03:51

Mr. Hankey's Boss Hogg XXXL

3589 views, 284 days ago

I work up to Mr. Hankey's Boss Hogg XXXL (75% Soft Deep Brown). I can go deep or wide, but not both.

Short clip with Giganticock! 01:38

Short clip with Giganticock!

3129 views, 298 days ago

Long deep penetrations with Giganticock from ECProsthetics!

Mr. Hankey's Toys 03:38

Mr. Hankey's Toys

1210 views, 298 days ago

I take El Rey - XXL, Big Daddy - XXXL and Goliath out for some fun.

POGO 04:49


2477 views, 333 days ago

I bounce between ECProsthetics - Giganticock and Mr. Hankey's - Big Daddy. DP at the end!

Mr. Hankey's Toys - Goliath 03:51

Mr. Hankey's Toys - Goliath

3642 views, 333 days ago

Multiple angles, legs up, and size comparisons.

Double Penetrations 2-of-2 03:48

Double Penetrations 2-of-2

2208 views, 399 days ago

DP with El Rey XXL and Dominator-D2

Double Penetrations 1-of-2 02:48

Double Penetrations 1-of-2

1117 views, 399 days ago

I DP The Behemoth with Big Daddy XXXL