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Bois 'n twinks
Group for bois 'n twinks :3

on Dec 23, 2009 |  Status : protected

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Group made by Nakourou

on Jun 16, 2010 |  Status : public

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Girls and Couples with toys must message request.
My wife and I want to avoid some of the extra looky luse so I would like this group to consist of Couples or women only. Suggested by my wife. We feel we need a place for women and couples not just single men. There are some awesome guys on here and we mean you no harm. We feel perhaps more women would be comfortable to be oggled by other woman and couples more than single men. Maybe we could get more woman interested in buying and sharing bd toys. and other toy reviews and vids also excepted. we would love to see some exactly how it feels vids and so on...couples play would also be welcome toys arent always just used for masturbation. That being said Masturbation vids are welcome as well just want a shielded group for private vids. Also please dont simply try to add yourself to the group right a personalized request stating your a couple (pics or know vids for proof would be nice) Just so we know. and You'll get added. Some males will be added simply because they where polite enough or evolved enough in the bd forums for the Group to say yah we need them. having a couple sponser will also improve your chances so you use those friend vouchers up! :)

on Jul 18, 2010 |  Status : public

79 Members | 9 Videos

PDX Furries
This is a group created for furries in or around portland oregon. The idea is to get together and make some films. (.//_^)

on Sep 7, 2010 |  Status : public

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