Working at knotting mr hankies XXL...
There's a reason I saved this toy for last. I knew I wasn't going to last long and I was right. I...

prostate  Prostate  Orgasm  XXL  mrhankeystoys  huge  anal  knot 

HoleStretchingFun, 159 days ago
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XXXL Boss Hogg - 2nd Attempt
Still haven't quite got this huge beast to cooperate, but I will not give up. I can feel it...

BossHogg  Mr.Hankey  XXL 

Puter1, 1024 days ago
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First Try with XXXL Boss Hogg
Wow! OMG!!! This toy is a monster. I was sure it would be easier to handle; however, I've got my...

BossHogg  Mr.Hankey  XXL 

Puter1, 1039 days ago
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