Long Toy vs Machine session 17:15

Long Toy vs Machine session

by SlimFF
2712 views, 37 days ago

A couple hours of toys destroying my hole on the Kong machine, cut down to about 18 minutes for your viewing. Featuring (in order) Mr Hankey Chode, Firehose, El Rey XL, Stump N Dump, El Rey XXL (on...

Henry Side by Side 04:12

Henry Side by Side

by SlimFF
1120 views, 37 days ago

Lots have asked for a front and back of me taking Exotic Erotics Henry. So here ya go! I don't really have the bulge that you want to see, but at least you can see for yourself! :-)

mrhankey 07:10


by crazyid4u2008
2737 views, 193 days ago

taking a good ride on my bosshogg

Short video of XL David and XL Chance 01:44

Short video of XL David and XL Chance

by ErikaTheZebra
7667 views, 325 days ago

I found an old wooden foot stool I've been using to place toys on, and I've been meaning to take a video of me using it. It works alright I think. I meant to make a video of me using my XL Flared...

her request for me 04:32

her request for me

by MidnightWoodland1
1611 views, 328 days ago

being a gaping man whore what more can i say

Mr. Hankey's Toys - Stump and Dump 01:36

Mr. Hankey's Toys - Stump and Dump

by dirtyxxxbird
1465 views, 341 days ago

Having sum fun with an impressive casting of Mr. Hankeys very own massive forearm

Mr. Hankey's Centaur - XXL 02:20

Mr. Hankey's Centaur - XXL

by heatskr2000
4406 views, 346 days ago

https://www.mrhankeystoys.com Mr. Hankey's Toys | The Worlds Best Dildos Mine is "75% Soft Natural Tan".

Trojan horse 01:25

Trojan horse

by Spargue
2738 views, 387 days ago

Riding a Trojan horse