Large Sleipnir workout 07:19

Large Sleipnir workout

by Arbenzu
2315 views, 105 days ago

Same session of the other Clayton video. The head and curve combo are too much but I'm working on it. The toy is a L Sleipnir, medium firmness in onyx black, with a carved suction cup.

XL Moko The Liger 03:30

XL Moko The Liger

by unam
2683 views, 118 days ago

follow your dreams~

Sitting on the 48 cm jackson dildo. 01:56

Sitting on the 48 cm jackson dildo.

by Plusultrastretch
6671 views, 124 days ago

I take the 48 cm/19 inch jackson horse dildo from exotic erotics to the hilt, my favorite toy for depth play. Excuse the portrait mode, i made it as gift for a kinky girl who wanted to fap at w...

Cucumber fun. 02:26

Cucumber fun.

by Plusultrastretch
2395 views, 128 days ago

I found this 42 cm cucumber when i was out grocery shopping today, i could not resist it.

Taking the XL Sleipnir to the hilt. 01:49

Taking the XL Sleipnir to the hilt.

by Plusultrastretch
8749 views, 129 days ago

My favorite toy, a whopping 38 cm/15 inches circumference at it's fattest part, a perfect toy for those who want to test their limits.

ass buster 03:18

ass buster

by TBone70
973 views, 138 days ago

Me taking the entire lot!

Flint all the way 06:36

Flint all the way

by LoopyLupine
2885 views, 164 days ago

A new video finally. This one with a newie too. Large Flint. He's a big boy. But not too big to be tamed... In soft. All my future toys are going to be soft.

Poppers and big dildo 02:21

Poppers and big dildo

by Badlittlepupslut
901 views, 174 days ago

Just tried poppers and had to get this thing in me. I’ve stretched beyond repair and love it.