Sitting on the 48 cm jackson dildo. 01:56

Sitting on the 48 cm jackson dildo.

by Plusultrastretch
3330 views, 11 days ago

I take the 48 cm/19 inch jackson horse dildo from exotic erotics to the hilt, my favorite toy for depth play. Excuse the portrait mode, i made it as gift for a kinky girl who wanted to fap at w...

Taking the XL Sleipnir to the hilt. 01:49

Taking the XL Sleipnir to the hilt.

by Plusultrastretch
5292 views, 16 days ago

My favorite toy, a whopping 38 cm/15 inches circumference at it's fattest part, a perfect toy for those who want to test their limits.

Mr. Hankeys toys Boss hogg xxxl 09:38

Mr. Hankeys toys Boss hogg xxxl

by 2002tiiguy
3091 views, 108 days ago

working on getting this monster buried. lot of fun but he is massive

xl scorn 04:33

xl scorn

by 2002tiiguy
2323 views, 168 days ago

like the title states

axel 06:27


by 2002tiiguy
2562 views, 234 days ago

xl axel med firmness, first use, ill think about posting more

Ph shukoshu 00:23

Ph shukoshu

by 2002tiiguy
1036 views, 323 days ago

Me taking most of my tentacle

Mr. Hankey's Toys - Goliath 03:51

Mr. Hankey's Toys - Goliath

by heatskr2000
3647 views, 333 days ago

Multiple angles, legs up, and size comparisons.

XL Infinity Star Flint 08:08

XL Infinity Star Flint

by Mika
8532 views, 489 days ago

Very pretty toy! So glad I asked support for this custom color. I've actually had this big guy since Feb, been using it pretty much nightly ever since. Love the way the head tugs on its way out. Su...