Puppygirl Bathtime 00:49

Puppygirl Bathtime

243 views, 1 days ago

Arf! I can't believe how much I love the feeling of this in my ass.

Twitchy Ass Fuck 00:59

Twitchy Ass Fuck

326 views, 2 days ago

Mm watch my thighs twitch as I try so hard not to cum while fucking my ass with my puppy cock.

Finally Knotted Properly! ❤🤤 00:41

Finally Knotted Properly! ❤🤤

993 views, 7 days ago

A quick clip of me finally taking every inch of that fat knot. I'm officially a breeding bitch ❤

Deepthroating My Toy 00:27

Deepthroating My Toy

488 views, 8 days ago

I still don't have a name for my lovely new toy, but I cannot quit deepthroating it.

Riding my New Puppy Cock 00:11

Riding my New Puppy Cock

574 views, 9 days ago

I've had it all of 10 hours and have spent at least 5 of them playing with this toy. I cannot stop!

Knotting for the first time 00:59

Knotting for the first time

711 views, 9 days ago

I got this lovely toy today, and thought I'd show you all my first attempt at knotting.