XL T-Rex Hilted 05:43

XL T-Rex Hilted

by varka
424369 views, 1043 days ago

It can be done!

just homo things 14:13

just homo things

by bitches
55596 views, 1056 days ago

gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay

Large Flint 00:31

Large Flint

by ErinTheFurry
51596 views, 1058 days ago

I got this guy a few weeks ago during a sale. Still haven't been able to hilt him yet. :c He's very filling. :3

Massive Doggy Creampie~ 06:37

Massive Doggy Creampie~

by Junee
176300 views, 1156 days ago

Awww yis~

Eightrabbit versus Slither 05:45

Eightrabbit versus Slither

by eightrabbit
41356 views, 1174 days ago

My friend the Ass Magician tries to put all 26" in me.

XL Nova knoted ! 02:28

XL Nova knoted !

by bigtoyuser
37297 views, 1253 days ago

Nova XL medium firmness, deep penetration, knoted and gaped ass. Love the ridges and curves, thick toy, 4 inch knot.

New Flared Chance XL - horse dildo creampie 02:28

New Flared Chance XL - horse dildo creampie

by bigtoyuser
71523 views, 1253 days ago

I decided for the flared chance XL, after its redesign. Now the flared head is manageble, despite dificult. Need lots of warming and streching before, only to pass the monster head. The shaft is th...

BIG dragon pounding. 08:52

BIG dragon pounding.

by Mikey
93311 views, 1647 days ago

I received a request for a request for a creampie video, my Chance at first, my Clayton as an alt. I chose the Dragon because my power was out half the night and I vented all my frustrations during...

Crackers and Cole~ 05:34

Crackers and Cole~

by Krazyokami
41034 views, 1656 days ago

My first vid. Using my lovely small cole and small crackers. Very low sound but will make more vids with sound

Multi-toy madness 24:43

Multi-toy madness

by Mikey
50272 views, 1657 days ago

This was SOOOOO much fun, I forgot that I haven't tied that cole in a few months and moan like a bitch in heat when knotted. But that was part of the fun. Anyway, I hope you enjoy watching as much ...

XL Flint playtime 06:20

XL Flint playtime

by Mikey
104643 views, 1662 days ago

This is my first video attempt, so....yeah. After getting myself all frisky with my EE Wuffamute, I decided go for a ride on my newest acquisition, and share it with the world. The ridges on the un...

Varka, Crackers and a Gryphon 05:27

Varka, Crackers and a Gryphon

by loldragondicks
30001 views, 1669 days ago

Enjoy ;)

Extra Large Chance Bulging strapped on - HD 03:18

Extra Large Chance Bulging strapped on - HD

by VersatileHusky
190642 views, 1679 days ago

So the S4 proved very handy on the fly this time and was able to catch this video of chance belly bulging me to the hilt, while strapped on. And before anyone asks, the masks were used by request. ...

Gryphon & Dragoness 04:24

Gryphon & Dragoness

by VixxyDicks
78610 views, 1681 days ago

Enjoying a little quality time with my dragoness~

Winding down~ 02:12

Winding down~

by VixxyDicks
58734 views, 1752 days ago

A little gender play with my favourite boy~

Creampie with Chance!~ 05:03

Creampie with Chance!~

by MouseSlut
50558 views, 1783 days ago

Just some more fun we have had whilst at the con this year. Started off with a bit of warmup with a medium toy, then onto riding a nice thick blue chance and having it dump quite the creampie in me...

Out of focus Cole 00:29

Out of focus Cole

by VixxyDicks
39345 views, 1791 days ago

I come for the camera man~

David in le shower 07:45

David in le shower

by LoopyLupine
28041 views, 1794 days ago

Vid of my playing with my werewolf toy in the shower (not running :3 ) Anyone have any requests or anything BTW? Need ideas for new videos lol.. Feel free to let me know in the comments.

XL Xar and Crackers 03:19

XL Xar and Crackers

by loldragondicks
36024 views, 1817 days ago

This is a good reminder that XL toys in soft firmness will not stand up on their own :P

Extra Large Chance Plows Me First Person - HD 03:15

Extra Large Chance Plows Me First Person - HD

by VersatileHusky
77186 views, 1860 days ago

Sorry no belly bulge in this one, though I have a feeling the audio makes up for it this time. I was a good husky and got used like I was wanting. Votes to feature, 5 stars, friend requests, and fa...