XL Werehorse Knot Riding 03:18

XL Werehorse Knot Riding

by Mika
4927 views, 569 days ago

Werehorse is a lot of fun to ride, what can I say. Next video I eventually do will definitely be with my new XL elephant from exotic erotics

Roland Knot Pounding 02:29

Roland Knot Pounding

by Zoen
4555 views, 823 days ago

Another clip I nabbed with the machine on my second session, and one I'm pretty pleased with in demoing just how fast it can go. Now to figure out what else I can potentially do...

goliath from mrhankeystoys 03:40

goliath from mrhankeystoys

by bigballsnow
4740 views, 881 days ago

next clip with goliath from mrhankeystoys...

Summer stress reliever at cabin 01:49

Summer stress reliever at cabin

by ramcramslam
2405 views, 1064 days ago

Finally some “me” time, a much overdue stretching session. Large Bruiser indeed left me tender. This was the next morning, I’m more relaxed the second day of play

Hands free orgasm large chance unflared 00:40

Hands free orgasm large chance unflared

by D234Mxplor3r
10777 views, 1075 days ago

Hands free Cumming from anal stimulation alone from my medium firmness Large Chance unflared in 3rd kind

Flint all the way 06:36

Flint all the way

by LoopyLupine
4488 views, 1086 days ago

A new video finally. This one with a newie too. Large Flint. He's a big boy. But not too big to be tamed... In soft. All my future toys are going to be soft.

XL Nova 05:24

XL Nova

by unam
5060 views, 1091 days ago

a big ol' dwaggin cawk goes up my butt... more news at 11!

Knotty Rex 05:10

Knotty Rex

by MikeyM
5283 views, 1161 days ago

I've been meaning to make this video for a long time, but got fixated on my large toys. One day, I rediscovered the Large Rex with its "smallish" 3" diameter knot, broke out the came...