Large monster Buck/Giraffe Hilting p.2 08:50

Large monster Buck/Giraffe Hilting p.2

by GayBurdy
1246 views, 38 days ago

Hope you guys like it. I now have a backdrop so no more bedroom background. going to get a better set of clothes instead of a cut shirt the first three minutes is with the giraffe and the rest is t...

Hilting the Large Giraffe 07:16

Hilting the Large Giraffe

by GayBurdy
1688 views, 45 days ago

Try to record off of my webcam this time. As well a completed shot instead of multiply shots. Hope you like it. no gape this time :( The giraffe is my Favorite toy out of my collection I went a...

8 knot orgy (by request for MarKssisst) 31:35

8 knot orgy (by request for MarKssisst)

by leopardfurred
1117 views, 77 days ago

bouncing on my 8 knotty boys: L Nova, L Rex x2, L Apollo, L Fenrir, L Austin, L Cole, L Dexter. Also a quick prolapse, and some peeing (Cole, especially, hits my pee spot!)

A big boy 04:30

A big boy

by Seron_Lutrani
1289 views, 813 days ago

Gift for a friend <3 Hope everyone enjoys as well! Hope to be doing more soon, as finally life has calmed down a bit....and BOY OH BOY DO I HAVE A SELECTION NOW.

Uncut Chode dick by Mr. Hankey's toys 22:51

Uncut Chode dick by Mr. Hankey's toys

by Arbenzu
5737 views, 977 days ago

Me fucking this fat cock in doggy style, riding, and sitting on it with cumshot in slow motion at the end. I love how thick, smooth, and stout is, and squish it, suck it, play with or just stare at...

Shark Frot'n'Wank 12:28

Shark Frot'n'Wank

by Conrad
3336 views, 1542 days ago

I'M BACK. Lost a lot of my old stuff due to a computer failure.. back with a more powerful rig and better camera now, so expect more content. Always got a lot of love for my un-cut cock, so deci...

Fucked by a horse! 02:39

Fucked by a horse!

by Manny
44380 views, 2525 days ago

Well, technically, a fox. Since he's wearing the dildo. o.o Large Chance in Medium firmness from Bad-Dragon. Getting fucked by Scaltro V. Vulpes and credit for filming and editing goes to him! Enjoy!