Faak 19.8" dildo 01:15

Faak 19.8" dildo

2064 views, 544 days ago

This one is a nice stretch and an amazing ride.... It's on Amazon.

Riding some dildos 02:04

Riding some dildos

1931 views, 544 days ago

This is a modified colossus or black destroyer dildo. It's 16.5" long including the suction cup. 13" or so insertable. I cut the balls off to get the full length in my hole.

Dissapearing dildo... 00:47

Dissapearing dildo...

1243 views, 544 days ago

It's a magical feeling.

Fisting 00:49


2129 views, 1047 days ago

Deep fisting

Another modified dildo 00:52

Another modified dildo

2235 views, 1053 days ago

Modified the Pipedream King Cock 12" by cutting the balls off. You get all thick 12 inches sliding in your greedy hole.

Modified Colossus 16.5" dildo 01:14

Modified Colossus 16.5" dildo

2654 views, 1053 days ago

I castrated the Colossus 16.5" dildo. It's usually like 13" insertable, and with the balls cut off and trimmed and smoothed, you get all 16.5" in your greedy hole.

Chained 00:22


2386 views, 1396 days ago

Chain on the way out...

Pipe Dreams 12" 01:08

Pipe Dreams 12"

2104 views, 1656 days ago

Me riding the Pipe Dreams 12" dildo....