Pipe Dreams 12" 01:08

Pipe Dreams 12"

792 views, 247 days ago

Me riding the Pipe Dreams 12" dildo....

Mr Hankey Stump N' Dump 01:28

Mr Hankey Stump N' Dump

1541 views, 326 days ago

Stump N' Dump is another amazing toy.

LG Goose 00:46

LG Goose

839 views, 326 days ago

It's like you are getting fisted by a large hand every time...

XL Chance Unflared 01:21

XL Chance Unflared

1007 views, 326 days ago

What a ride...

Another XL Bumblehooves 00:31

Another XL Bumblehooves

3627 views, 525 days ago

This feels so good. I just lower onto it and rest on the big balls. I can sit that way for a long time...

XL Nox 00:39

XL Nox

2827 views, 525 days ago

My XL Nox was a flop, but I love it anyway....

XL Gryphon 02:03

XL Gryphon

2278 views, 525 days ago

The feeling when the knot is fully in my hole is indescribable!

Buttplug! 00:54


1355 views, 525 days ago

Love the stretch of this plug. Wish the base was more defined so it could stay in my ass. It pops out pretty easily.