cassini massive pt.2 01:03

cassini massive pt.2

by bigballsnow
4995 views, 340 days ago

cassini massive from

first full session with Bruiser 01:40

first full session with Bruiser

by ramcramslam
10997 views, 2641 days ago

iv'e knotted him before, but only briefly, and was not easy ! This by far, is my greatest cir'cum'frence penetration. Also, the coconut oil & j-lube mix is the best lube mix i have mixed.

Little Red gets bred 09:45

Little Red gets bred

by Mikey
70207 views, 2703 days ago

New stockings, new toy, hands free finisher too ^^ Everything was fine until I realized just how AWEFUL I look from behind, but I figured I'd post it anyway. I may take this one down, I dunno yet...

Getting pounded by two XL Flints 07:11

Getting pounded by two XL Flints

by varka
31001 views, 2784 days ago

I take both of my XL flints for a ride! The scary colored one (I had too much fun picking a 'surprise' color) is in Soft firmness, the blue one is in Medium firmness.

XL Flint Ride 07:53

XL Flint Ride

by varka
36771 views, 2818 days ago

Riding my XL Flint to orgasm. Man, those ridges feel incredible! It's like a series of knots, all cramming themselves into my butt one after another... This is my new favorite toy. <3

Tag team stallions 08:45

Tag team stallions

by Mikey
38012 views, 2847 days ago

I was just trying to take a shower, and the next thing I know these two took a turn having their way with me. Not that I'm complaining, as you can see. I hope you all enjoy, and thanks for watching...

Extra Large Chance Bulging strapped on - HD 03:18

Extra Large Chance Bulging strapped on - HD

by VersatileHusky
220147 views, 2872 days ago

So the S4 proved very handy on the fly this time and was able to catch this video of chance belly bulging me to the hilt, while strapped on. And before anyone asks, the masks were used by request. ...

Extra Large Chance Bulging - HD 02:12

Extra Large Chance Bulging - HD

by VersatileHusky
146318 views, 3089 days ago

Broke out the GoPro for this one. Hope you like the Belly Bulging... Here's to celebrating one week with my chance, and already addicted to him, as I'm sure you will see here. This is the Extra Lar...