Knotting the big dog 06:56

Knotting the big dog

by Slack
15525 views, 1061 days ago

My hefty Cole (XL/5). Never felt anything quite like it; when that knot pops in is the most intense feeling.

XL Crackers fills me up 07:04

XL Crackers fills me up

by Slack
12630 views, 1064 days ago

Before I bought my cockatrice (XL/5) I was disappointed at how few videos there were of it being used, so I'll help to change that. Also, it glows in the dark.

XL Moko all the way 07:13

XL Moko all the way

by Slack
11125 views, 1068 days ago

I shot this video a while ago, finally decided to make an account an upload it here. Bad Dragon Moko the Liger (XL/5); the first toy I bought there, and still my favourite stretching toy.

Nightdrake Quick Ride 04:19

Nightdrake Quick Ride

by SarusTreeleafWolf
12596 views, 1089 days ago

Riding my XL Nightdrake from Bad Dragon, again was pent up and didn't last long

Quick Chance Ride 01:10

Quick Chance Ride

by SarusTreeleafWolf
7586 views, 1090 days ago

A short video of me using my large chance, didn't last long >>

Little Red gets bred 09:45

Little Red gets bred

by Mikey
53470 views, 1148 days ago

New stockings, new toy, hands free finisher too ^^ Everything was fine until I realized just how AWEFUL I look from behind, but I figured I'd post it anyway. I may take this one down, I dunno yet...

Getting pounded by two XL Flints 07:11

Getting pounded by two XL Flints

by varka
24203 views, 1229 days ago

I take both of my XL flints for a ride! The scary colored one (I had too much fun picking a 'surprise' color) is in Soft firmness, the blue one is in Medium firmness.

Ball bouncing on my XL Flint 12:16

Ball bouncing on my XL Flint

by Mikey
36678 views, 1261 days ago

I've been sitting on this one for little while (the video I mean), RL has gotten busy, and I may hibernate for a while, but I'll be back. I was told I should show my beast buried balls to base in m...