The Eggplug XL 00:44

The Eggplug XL

1370 views, 516 days ago

after months finally :-)short vid

the Vergil XL 01:12

the Vergil XL

952 views, 516 days ago

short vid with my vergil

me and Nova xl 00:57

me and Nova xl

1220 views, 673 days ago

yesterday I managed to take all the nova

rex XL 00:34

rex XL

1507 views, 692 days ago

another short vid with my Rex

xL Nova 01:22

xL Nova

4158 views, 814 days ago

I try to take all my nova xl :-))

rex XL 00:37

rex XL

6219 views, 814 days ago

I have fun with my new toy

Flint 02:30


2017 views, 881 days ago

afternoon with the Flint

Bad Dragon Griphon xl 00:19

Bad Dragon Griphon xl

3830 views, 1091 days ago

all in