Taking XL Cracker for a ride 04:00

Taking XL Cracker for a ride

by StretchWitch
2289 views, 838 days ago

Riding my XL Cracker. That slip and stretch feel super good.

Blaze XXL first ride 01:16

Blaze XXL first ride

by bigtoyuser
3462 views, 854 days ago

New toy in my collection, Blaze XL from bad dragon. I have 22 bad dragon giant dildos, they make awesome toys!

Knotty Rex (now in XL) 03:19

Knotty Rex (now in XL)

by MikeyM
7800 views, 956 days ago

I bought an XL Rex some time ago, but was never able to knot it due to its length. One day, after considerable warm-up with both girthy and longish toys (especially longish), it popped in with a li...

Taking the XL Sleipnir to the hilt. 01:49

Taking the XL Sleipnir to the hilt.

by Plusultrastretch
17911 views, 1052 days ago

My favorite toy, a whopping 38 cm/15 inches circumference at it's fattest part, a perfect toy for those who want to test their limits.

XL Nova 05:24

XL Nova

by unam
5060 views, 1091 days ago

a big ol' dwaggin cawk goes up my butt... more news at 11!

Xl cole 05:19

Xl cole

by funcouple
1778 views, 1220 days ago

Playing again while out of town after using large Servantsextoys Splitter to open me up

Dildo & Punch 06:27

Dildo & Punch

by ryde_shadow
9056 views, 1299 days ago

Skorpyo gives me 14" of black rubber goodness followed by a nice manual workout. I'm such a lucky girl! :)

First time with XL Dexter 05:55

First time with XL Dexter

by xZFhK301
9033 views, 1330 days ago

Got my new XL Dexter from Bad Dragon. I think they could go bigger next time - what do you think? :) From their product page.... Circumference of Head (inches) 8.25 Circumference of Knot (inc...