Oxballs SackJack, Clear 00:36

Oxballs SackJack, Clear

525 views, 10 days ago

oxballs sackjack. Good size for penis, a bit oversized for balls. Quite thick, so gives lots of meat :) Tricky to put on, but holds even when penis is flacid. Streches balls down...

Medium David 02:55

Medium David

526 views, 129 days ago

Medium David (old type). One of the best "knot type" toys.

Large slink 01:39

Large slink

693 views, 148 days ago

Just large Slink. At last it all inside. And some video fx.

Slink as starting tool 01:33

Slink as starting tool

557 views, 157 days ago

Slink is good to open the doors.

Old version, absolete version of Chance 01:24

Old version, absolete version of Chance

712 views, 160 days ago

Old version of large Chance. Now it is maybe medium?