Anthro Dragon Poundings 07:32

Anthro Dragon Poundings

1745 views, 87 days ago

This was the last video I had managed to upload to Xtube before they completely wiped everything. Unfortunately, in order for me to upload it *here*, it had to undergo major framerate compression (...

Roland Knot Pounding 02:29

Roland Knot Pounding

4966 views, 921 days ago

Another clip I nabbed with the machine on my second session, and one I'm pretty pleased with in demoing just how fast it can go. Now to figure out what else I can potentially do...

Riding spree (9/15) 18:01

Riding spree (9/15)

4784 views, 1105 days ago

Just something to tide you guys over. This was recorded yesterday (as of the upload) and trimmed up not too long ago. Proof I'm still alive and well, and getting back to doing what I do best. To...

XL Nocturne ride (dual view) 08:39

XL Nocturne ride (dual view)

6242 views, 1447 days ago

This was done more as an experiment to see if doing a dual view (front and back) would be a good idea. While every future video won't be like this, if it's received well, then I'll do more like thi...

Cole from Behind 07:55

Cole from Behind

9319 views, 1944 days ago

Mmm...that knot~... Also decided to leave that little blooper in after mentioning it to someone to show that not every session of mine goes as planned.

Sleipnir from Behind 08:05

Sleipnir from Behind

14111 views, 1945 days ago

Decided to get this clip at the same time I took care of a different request. Just another half of an inch to go and Sleipnir will be fully hilted!

Knotting Cole 13:40

Knotting Cole

13368 views, 1950 days ago

Another one of my newest toys, often requested by a dear friend of mine...and now it has been done. Seems I've finally got a toy that *requires* me to pull myself down onto it in order to take a...

Stan Squeezes In 12:00

Stan Squeezes In

26348 views, 1963 days ago

I got this lovely beauty yesterday, and after a total attempt time of a little over 2 hours over 2 days (and a little tip from someone who was watching), I finally managed to get Stan to squeeze hi...