Knotting Razor 05:01

Knotting Razor

by Serimous
11217 views, 3627 days ago

I'm back, and I have a Large Razor, medium firmness, and I manage to knot him! ^^

Fuck That Wolf's Ass! 16:39

Fuck That Wolf's Ass!

by WolfGuy
6262 views, 3674 days ago

Me getting pounded hard. Sorry that the camera moved a couple times, I hit my sweet spot and it made my leg jump. ;P This is the longest video I've done. And it felt so good making it. Oh and ju...

Just Pawing 03:02

Just Pawing

by WolfGuy
2632 views, 3674 days ago

Just a vid of me pawing, no cum this time but hey its still hot.

It Makes Me Moan~ 02:43

It Makes Me Moan~

by WolfGuy
5604 views, 3685 days ago

A little Vid I did. Some have asked me to be a little more noisy, and also to well take it deeper. Also this is For WerewolfRider Your Welcom and Enjoy. Please Rate And comment.

Pawing =^_^= 01:10

Pawing =^_^=

by WolfGuy
3569 views, 3689 days ago

Just a short vid of me pawing off. I noticed that there aren't pawing many vids. SO I did one for yall. ENJOY PLEASE RATE AND COMENT!!

*Blushes* My First Video 03:36

*Blushes* My First Video

by WolfGuy
3755 views, 3690 days ago

This is my first video on Toy Pics. Feel free to coment, or even make requests. I infortunitly have no Bad Drgon Toy's YET! But I will get one..or two...or three :P ENJOY!

Toy Orgy! 32:07

Toy Orgy!

by Chinook
9441 views, 3692 days ago

exactly what it says on the title

husky gets bred 24:02

husky gets bred

by Chinook
9003 views, 3692 days ago

I take 2 medium razors, small sea dragon, small cockatrine and a small fusion