Plug Abuse 01:41

Plug Abuse

1373 views, 1598 days ago

Not a BD toy :( but the first video in a while.

Netflix and Plug 01:08

Netflix and Plug

1798 views, 1598 days ago

The aftermath of watching Netflix plugged for a bit.

Chance Creampie 01:35

Chance Creampie

10728 views, 3004 days ago

so I finished up my gape video and realized that I had not mounted Chance in about a week. Long story short I lubed up and stuffed him in. I had to limit the video to the highlights due to file siz...

WOC Gape 00:44

WOC Gape

3303 views, 3005 days ago

I've received a handful of people requesting some gape shots so here it is :). I took it easy so no Chance this time haha.

BD Chance Insertion 01:02

BD Chance Insertion

5495 views, 3011 days ago

Finally received my BD Chance in the mail. Here's one of the first 'rides. New member btw. Videos to come now and then.