Front and Back 03:05

Front and Back

496 views, 939 days ago

Getting much more used to this toy, feels very nice on the front and back sides.

Slow Simulated Missionary 03:05

Slow Simulated Missionary

753 views, 939 days ago

Decided to try another angle, thinking of what missionary might feel like. Wasn't able to get super drawn out because it was awkward, but I still enjoyed it so I thought I'd upload.

More Oral Practice in the Shower 03:05

More Oral Practice in the Shower

740 views, 939 days ago

Pretty much what it says in the title, while I have an extremely weak gag reflex, I do like to test my limits and getting myself used to shoving things down my throat.

Riding to Climax 03:48

Riding to Climax

916 views, 941 days ago

Putting my backdoor to the test after a long while of not really doing much. Nice to know I can still pack it away, but I definitely got some practice ahead of me. All in all, very satisfied with t...

Got an actually vanilla toy for once 00:50

Got an actually vanilla toy for once

674 views, 941 days ago

I think I am liking this toy quite a bit, mostly because it's a more realistic size so it gives me a better gauge of what actually riding someone else would feel like. Still gets my legs shaking af...

Sloppy Seconds 00:50

Sloppy Seconds

7069 views, 2478 days ago

After a failed attempt to knot the Equiknot, I was still extremely lubed up and let Pinkie finish the job. Legs were shaking the rest of the night.

Morning Excersizes with Pinkie 02:38

Morning Excersizes with Pinkie

3940 views, 2490 days ago

Finally got around to making a video with the Cole from Bad Dragon. Great way to start the morning and it even works great as a plug.

Natascha the Anthro Husky 01:58

Natascha the Anthro Husky

18782 views, 2555 days ago

Just a little video I thought I'd make with my newest addition.