Mini Dicks for Sounding 06:02

Mini Dicks for Sounding

by PurpleGryphon
9550 views, 2406 days ago

***Caution! Sounding*** Cannot believe I didn't post this here. I found a use for those wonderful little mini dicks that I've acquired at a convention or two. Not quite full toy use, but I think...

Egg aftermath 00:37

Egg aftermath

by drcervixxx
31292 views, 2517 days ago

after stuffing with eggs, we pulled a couple out and made room for me!

Little Red gets bred 09:45

Little Red gets bred

by Mikey
69170 views, 2520 days ago

New stockings, new toy, hands free finisher too ^^ Everything was fine until I realized just how AWEFUL I look from behind, but I figured I'd post it anyway. I may take this one down, I dunno yet...

just a few more inches... 16:25

just a few more inches...

by ciscokid
16501 views, 2536 days ago

poor mr. bear D:

Wearable fun! 02:57

Wearable fun!

by python39911
12861 views, 2539 days ago

Had to use the wereable i just purchased on my mate... even more so that i had to record it. Enjoy! Sorry for the cut, i decided to readjust.

DP Chance & Wuffamute 20:18

DP Chance & Wuffamute

by Mikey
25783 views, 2583 days ago

I was wondering just how well these two would do at the same time, It wound up a dog & pony show X3 Not my best, but hope you enjoy it all the same :3 EE Wuffamute (3), BD u/f Chance L (3)

Moko and Crackers 05:02

Moko and Crackers

by Manny
18808 views, 2596 days ago

Just me attempting to take Moko (XL, soft) and then Crackers (XL, soft). Filmed by Scaltro V (credits for quality, editing and filming etc. goes to him)!

BIG dragon pounding. 08:52

BIG dragon pounding.

by Mikey
103085 views, 2658 days ago

I received a request for a request for a creampie video, my Chance at first, my Clayton as an alt. I chose the Dragon because my power was out half the night and I vented all my frustrations during...