Teasing Duke 01:17

Teasing Duke

23941 views, 2081 days ago

Giving duke a little attention

Gryphon & Dragoness 04:24

Gryphon & Dragoness

82882 views, 2517 days ago

Enjoying a little quality time with my dragoness~

Im a dork 00:07

Im a dork

33678 views, 2575 days ago

Wiggling around the dolphin in the pool. Forgive the marks on my skin.. Eczema!

Summer Fun 00:47

Summer Fun

20946 views, 2585 days ago

A longer video showcasing my new hippocampus~

Orange.. doesn't rhyme with anything. 00:29

Orange.. doesn't rhyme with anything.

12082 views, 2585 days ago

A short video playing with the 'campus~

Winding down~ 02:12

Winding down~

63613 views, 2588 days ago

A little gender play with my favourite boy~

Riding the large tongue 02:16

Riding the large tongue

68204 views, 2614 days ago

My delicious friend lets me grind against her~

Out of focus Cole 00:29

Out of focus Cole

41941 views, 2627 days ago

I come for the camera man~