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About Me : I spend a lot of my time consumed by video games and Art; i'm an artist a avid gamer and have a small little community of online friends. However, offline; I am not so much. I am a home person, a bit of a hermit if you will, and spend much of my time indoors. I enjoy walks in the cool evenings and dips in the pool... but mostly I love nothing more than to lounge with a good game and a few friends. My games do not stop at electronically; I love Table-tops, D&D, and Roleplaying ( both kinds ;) *Personal Vice*: Extremely low self esteem, dangerously so.

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  • Name Verdigris~
  • Age 29 years old
  • Sex : Female
  • Country Canada
  • Website:
  • Interests & Hobbies: LIKES--- * Green and Silver ( separate) * Felines( big and little), Canines, Ursine, and most rodents * Fantasy creatures ( trolls, monsters, dragons, etc) * Music ( all but country, religious, and holiday) *DR.PEPPER ( so very much yes) * Sweets~ ^_^ * Chinese food or Sushi (( I like all foods really, these are favorites though)) DISLIKES---- * Orange ( usually) * Foxes ( blegh) * Creativeness people * Bible beaters * Green Peppers * Pushy people or Over confident people.
  • Favourite Movies & Shows: Dexter, Fried Green Tomatos, Ponyo, Totoro, Ni No Kuni, Spirited Away, Titan AE., Mythbusters, Dragonball Z, Sailor moon, Pokemon ( season 3 and older mostly) SAW Series.
  • Favourite Music: Rock, Alternative, Classical, Video game music soundtracks.
  • Favourite Books: Hatchet; Sex,lies and Vampires, 50 Shades of Grey, Curse of the Worgen, Thrall; Twilight of the Aspects.

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