Riding Virgils Knot 01:01

Riding Virgils Knot

672 views, 70 days ago

Sliding the knot of a large Virgil in and out of my ass.

Pipedream Chubby 01:26

Pipedream Chubby

840 views, 226 days ago

Taking the PipeDream Chubby dildo doggy style.

King Cock 01:14

King Cock

659 views, 336 days ago

Pipedreams King Cock. 12" x 3".

1st Time Taking a Knot 01:26

1st Time Taking a Knot

1369 views, 341 days ago

Finally got a BD toy. The Virgil.

Tailstretcher 2 02:35

Tailstretcher 2

615 views, 423 days ago

Using my homemade tailstretcher. One of my favorite toys.

Tail Stretcher 01:34

Tail Stretcher

684 views, 436 days ago

I made this from a old Doc Johnson hand. I could get it in but found little use for it as it was a bit uncomfortable. So, I cut the hand all off up to the middle finger and tapered the whole thing....

Shell Shock-Taking the Plunge Again 01:09

Shell Shock-Taking the Plunge Again

894 views, 440 days ago

Riding the large shell shock.

Big Blue 03:13

Big Blue

1521 views, 495 days ago

Trying out my newest toy. A big and blue treat. Feels great!