Barchair fun 01:58

Barchair fun

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Soon will be new video with knotting and new horse dildo Write me in @Jakaroo telegram, if you want see it in action first

Mirrored 03:43


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It's as hard to take and control the right angle, while shooting, as taking the knot. Can someone give an advice about takin' it? :D Also, there will be videos with horse dildo soon, so i'm loo...

Strechin 02:17


848 views, 144 days ago

Looking for a mate for skype\discord dildo session

Dog Riding 01:11

Dog Riding

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Still want to take knot, but this is hard I'd like to find coop player on discord, if you understand what i mean }:)

Riding the dog 02:42

Riding the dog

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This is my first video. Dildo is from erasexa shop called Doggie