NewArmwarmers 05:02


740 views, 38 days ago

Got this uploaded a whole lot quicker than I thought I guess /shrug Been practicing my toe-wriggle and Scorn-taming techniques, hope it shows!

Multiplay ChanceL,Slink,Scorn 08:04

Multiplay ChanceL,Slink,Scorn

913 views, 38 days ago

Stay tuned for next vid where I show off my new armwarmers~

More Scorn+Nox Doubleteam 06:49

More Scorn+Nox Doubleteam

1158 views, 59 days ago

Got a whole lot more Scorn coming up. Really can't get enough Scorn, if I ever get an XL toy I would love to try mounting a big Scorn and trying to take all his ridges and nubs <3

Multiplay Stallion&Others 11:14

Multiplay Stallion&Others

1791 views, 61 days ago

I've had alot of practice with my large Chance (He's really irresistible) but still a challenge to hilt the bugger :D

Chance L 04:28

Chance L

2214 views, 211 days ago

Sound Fix because I forgot to set the audio bitrate properly, of course.

Slink S 10:24

Slink S

1468 views, 217 days ago

This is the same session as my last Chance video, with me stretching myself and doing some depth play. I would love to go deeper so a medium or large Slink is on the cards when/if I can afford it.

Chance L Scorn M 09:34

Chance L Scorn M

3244 views, 231 days ago

Trying my best to master Chance

Scorn, Nox, Lovely Dragons :3 05:05

Scorn, Nox, Lovely Dragons :3

2806 views, 369 days ago

I was a bit hesitant to upload this one. I didn't shave as well as I should have and I wasn't wearing my leg warmers that I like to wear when filming. I'll try to do some more when I have time, but...