Chaz with Cortez the Avian 11:20

Chaz with Cortez the Avian

by Chazercise
4526 views, 125 days ago

Broke out the Cortez dildo from Twin Tail Creations! Lot of fun. Happy with my finish at the end. You can check out the site for more stuff! As always, let me know what you think.

Throat Fucking Machine 02:10

Throat Fucking Machine

by Toyholer
2080 views, 167 days ago

Try my new fucking machine to fuck my throat. Works awesome to duck my mouth. Love it.

Large chance Deep 04:46

Large chance Deep

by yoshibutt
3572 views, 181 days ago

Had a portion of this in my pullouts vid, this is the whole thing

Morning Butt Fun 04:34

Morning Butt Fun

by Alezxa
2761 views, 204 days ago

Just pounding my butt with a Medium Stan.

a bunch of bd toys 08:29

a bunch of bd toys

by NaughtyFoxButt
3408 views, 218 days ago

Toys are: XL Gryphon, XL Nox, XL Tucker and Large Flint

Lizard with Chance 03:45

Lizard with Chance

by Chazercise
15455 views, 231 days ago

Hey peeps, read this - Please critique this and either send me a message or make a comment. Check out my profile for sites I am on if you have an account there. New website is up at ...

Dragon Muzzle Stuffing (1080p) 02:26

Dragon Muzzle Stuffing (1080p)

by KohaiSama
7850 views, 267 days ago

I had fun with this one, enjoy!~

xl flared chance split screen video 04:37

xl flared chance split screen video

by bigballsnow
9471 views, 393 days ago

my first attempt to make a split screen video... my xl flared chance fucked me til the balls, on the end you can see how chance bulging my belly! i love it :-)