Ogre XXXXL 00:48


by ucXL10LA
1587 views, 71 days ago


getting deeper w weredog Jack XL 03:09

getting deeper w weredog Jack XL

by M51xgQ
5888 views, 319 days ago

I wasn't planning on doing a video tonight bc i havent shaved in a while and I feel gross and honestly I haven't used toys in a couple weeks so I didn't expect this session to go so well,,, but the...

XL Werehorse Knot Riding 03:18

XL Werehorse Knot Riding

by Mika
4354 views, 414 days ago

Werehorse is a lot of fun to ride, what can I say. Next video I eventually do will definitely be with my new XL elephant from exotic erotics

Riding My XL Cody 01:55

Riding My XL Cody

by DyldoBD
1861 views, 464 days ago

Riding my XL Cody from Exotic Erotics

betting on duke 16:22

betting on duke

by 9T4xU
10540 views, 3472 days ago

I lost. he didn't fit. still, it's only my first time as I got him a mere day before filming this.

Medium Chance. 01:18

Medium Chance.

by turok
47163 views, 3754 days ago

First time on camera >.> hope you enjoy :)

Husky Humping 03:30

Husky Humping

by Profec
8851 views, 4147 days ago

I know it isn't a BD toy, but shush! I can't afford one yet. X3