XL Bruiser and Flint 09:40

XL Bruiser and Flint

by Mikey
26376 views, 2785 days ago

I'm sorry I haven't been putting a lot of show into these, every time I get started, I just kinda slip into a feral lust (as you can see). I am trying to thinks of ways to make my videos a little s...

A bulging cockatrice quickie 06:34

A bulging cockatrice quickie

by Mikey
26928 views, 2786 days ago

I was just going to indulge myself a little, but I still had my camera out so.... Sorry I didn't put on much of a show, though I did try to show some bulge this time. I want to start doing longer v...

Battle of the XL Beasts 08:15

Battle of the XL Beasts

by Mikey
24584 views, 2804 days ago

So, who would win between A Dragon, and a Cockatrice? ME! Trust me, i was there. Sorry for the lack of show, I was just kinda doing this as a comparison. The Flint has a lot more texture, and a lit...

XL Flint playtime 06:20

XL Flint playtime

by Mikey
117859 views, 2817 days ago

This is my first video attempt, so....yeah. After getting myself all frisky with my EE Wuffamute, I decided go for a ride on my newest acquisition, and share it with the world. The ridges on the un...

Extra Large Chance Bulging strapped on - HD 03:18

Extra Large Chance Bulging strapped on - HD

by VersatileHusky
219475 views, 2833 days ago

So the S4 proved very handy on the fly this time and was able to catch this video of chance belly bulging me to the hilt, while strapped on. And before anyone asks, the masks were used by request. ...