Dildofun 02:18


by karlmarx11
2463 views, 1000 days ago

riding a dildo

Knotfucking XL Diego 05:14

Knotfucking XL Diego

by AssRoo
7851 views, 1016 days ago

Riding hard on my XL Diego medium firmness

Toying and fisting with my L Sleipnir 02:50

Toying and fisting with my L Sleipnir

by Lightning_McBirboo
1770 views, 1402 days ago

Toying and fisting with my L Sleipnir, using bad dragon cum lube

Doggy Style Nova 22:00

Doggy Style Nova

by ErinTheFurry
11297 views, 1818 days ago

After lots of practice I'm finally able to knot Nova repeatedly. He feels so good~ :3 Might be getting an XL Chance soon, stay tuned. Remember to check out my tumblr! http://erin-butt.tumblr.com/

XL Nova 07:47

XL Nova

by ErinTheFurry
18205 views, 2019 days ago

I've been enjoying this guy for the past several months and finally got around to making a video. Unfortunately it's still super hard to knot him so I wasn't able to in this video. I also got a new...

Rex knotting in panties 06:39

Rex knotting in panties

by Cirrus
10549 views, 2032 days ago

my good boy has some naughty knotty fun with me

A skirt and various silicone things~ 10:41

A skirt and various silicone things~

by Fuzzy
6512 views, 2085 days ago

Like all foxes, I love lots of cum in and on me :9~ (I hope this won't end up here twice. It's hard to get this site to eat my files!)

Doggy Style Chance 02:37

Doggy Style Chance

by Niknak
7608 views, 2140 days ago

Put together a set up similar to one displayed by nakedhamster. After some fiddling around finally got it set up right. Damn it feels good when it pops in deeper. Trust me, youll see when that ha...