Large unflared chance 02:24

Large unflared chance

by Levo
3359 views, 427 days ago

Another short video. Gonna start getting a better setup for longer videos, this is fun~

Chance filling my butt 07:15

Chance filling my butt

by Tetchy
4035 views, 766 days ago

Decided to give chance some delicious rump. My tiny butt wasn't ready, as projected in the (too) long a time struggling to get him in, but in the end, it paid off handsomely. :3

XL Nova 07:47

XL Nova

by ErinTheFurry
14414 views, 856 days ago

I've been enjoying this guy for the past several months and finally got around to making a video. Unfortunately it's still super hard to knot him so I wasn't able to in this video. I also got a new...

Ballsdeep Day Off With Chance (Unflared Legacy Large) 03:32

Ballsdeep Day Off With Chance (Unflared Legacy Large)

by XavierW
9512 views, 993 days ago

Hey watchers, been a while. I filmed this earlier tonight after shaving and had so much fun hilting that beast inside his favorite little hole. It's my first time taking him this deep on camera, an...

Large Chance 04:26

Large Chance

by yoshibutt
11842 views, 1136 days ago

UPGRADE!!! Not quite used to the length, and the size makes it that much harder but so much more rewarding :)

Giving the Chance a chance 05:50

Giving the Chance a chance

by HimitsuChan
6400 views, 1179 days ago

Just me taking a Medium Chance <.< Nothing else to see here >.< First Video >.< Go easy on me :D

 Taking A Ride 09:43

Taking A Ride

by MrDrake
8039 views, 1180 days ago

Been a little while since I've used Chance so he took some getting used to again. Certainly enjoyed taking him for a ride again.

x-LRG Chance' Second Try 06:45

x-LRG Chance' Second Try

by Junee
67927 views, 1212 days ago

Trying a new position which.. worked rather well actually! I'm pretty close, I CAN FEEL IT!