EF 2013 The build up 05:00

EF 2013 The build up

16646 views, 3277 days ago

Just me starting off for the first time in a few weeks. Starting off just stretching me and getting me ready.

Creampie with Chance!~ 05:03

Creampie with Chance!~

57383 views, 3358 days ago

Just some more fun we have had whilst at the con this year. Started off with a bit of warmup with a medium toy, then onto riding a nice thick blue chance and having it dump quite the creampie in me...

Toy Testing ~ 06:06

Toy Testing ~

8330 views, 3542 days ago

Just testing all of the toys at my disposal, or a good portion of them anyway! Hope you guys like! Sorry for the lube on my butt halfway through, looks kinda weird I know o.o

Limit Training 06:49

Limit Training

14069 views, 3543 days ago

Now that I have found my limits on size, I am starting to push at them and try and work my way up to bigger things! So this is me with the big toy. I am hoping I will have the plug in soon!

Testing my limits 07:12

Testing my limits

24329 views, 3545 days ago

Heya everyne! ~<3 This is just a video of me testing out my limits. I'm still not very good at size, but I'm getting there as you can see! ~<3