Apollo Chimera 03:50

Apollo Chimera

2341 views, 70 days ago

Fun with a large Apollo the chimera (in medium firmness). This is one of my first BD purchases and still a favourite due to its texture and "stout" size (going deep isn't my forte). I tak...

Riding Flint 04:05

Riding Flint

853 views, 74 days ago

My large Flint is one of my favorites, for its texture, shape, and girth. He is also stiff enough (in medium) for a hands-free insertion.

Clash of the XL (dragons) 08:28

Clash of the XL (dragons)

4830 views, 479 days ago

I let five XL dragons ravaged my behind - Trent, David, Gryphon, Bruiser and Xar. I didn't manage to take in Xar's enormous 13" circumference, but I look forward to that. Please comment and...

Xar Leaks 02:42

Xar Leaks

8860 views, 673 days ago

In this video, I am playing with my gigantic XL Xar with a 4.3" diameter knot. Unfortunately, knotting it is still a work-in-progress (got to knot my XL Nova and Spritz with their 4.0" kn...

Flint Fucking 01:38

Flint Fucking

3969 views, 681 days ago

The Flint continues to satisfy, as you can probably tell by the amount of precum I'm drooling! I just love feeling its texture and girth, as I slam down on all that silicone (once I'm warmed up of ...

First Time Knotting an XL Gryphon 04:23

First Time Knotting an XL Gryphon

8343 views, 698 days ago

I got this XL Gryphon as it looked fun in videos on this site. Although it "only" has a 3.5" knot, it took me surprisingly long to get this far; definitely lots of practice, patience...

Presenting Apollo 04:26

Presenting Apollo

7168 views, 788 days ago

Another banging session with the Apollo, with a bit of twirl and tease, and bonus "plops" at the end!

Banging XL Trent 05:16

Banging XL Trent

8580 views, 895 days ago

The Trent is fast becoming one of my favorites, with ridges that tingle, and the girth for a good stretching (does that make me a size queen?). Here you can see me working up a good ride, and teasi...