Femmy Elephant ride 04:30

Femmy Elephant ride

71527 views, 2402 days ago

I don't really know what to say.... I had fun o3o

Bulge and gape 05:48

Bulge and gape

30817 views, 2562 days ago

Just a shorts clips of what I've been up to lately (for a sweet friend who knows who they are >;3) sorry for the lack of show, hope you enjoy ^_^

Twice is nice >;3 16:10

Twice is nice >;3

31730 views, 2610 days ago

This is another video done for that someone special, they wanted me to fuck myself to orgasm twice in a row =D These 2 full laps took a lot of work (you'll see me tire out) but SOOOO totally worth...

Fit to be tied 12:38

Fit to be tied

23221 views, 2680 days ago

This was originally a video for someone special, but he said it would be alright if I posted it, so here goes. ENJOY! >;3 Wuffamute (3)

Little Red gets bred 09:45

Little Red gets bred

70640 views, 2764 days ago

New stockings, new toy, hands free finisher too ^^ Everything was fine until I realized just how AWEFUL I look from behind, but I figured I'd post it anyway. I may take this one down, I dunno yet...

Lil' red rides a big Dragon? 05:53

Lil' red rides a big Dragon?

17849 views, 2792 days ago

+500% more gaping ^^

Lil' Red and the BD Wolf 10:10

Lil' Red and the BD Wolf

19589 views, 2809 days ago

Full moon in the sky, me dressed like a little bitch, and wearing the collar to prove it <3 What was I expecting? I decided to play a much more "subby" looking role for this, I got a ...

DP Chance & Wuffamute 20:18

DP Chance & Wuffamute

26439 views, 2827 days ago

I was wondering just how well these two would do at the same time, It wound up a dog & pony show X3 Not my best, but hope you enjoy it all the same :3 EE Wuffamute (3), BD u/f Chance L (3)