First Chance 11:59

First Chance

by Demmy
14964 views, 2592 days ago

Just got my Medium Chance in and hnnngggg SO GOOD <3 Thank you so SOOOOO Much Mikey for this gift! You are so super awesome and I hope you enjoy this video extra lots! <3

Chimera Playtime 03:31

Chimera Playtime

by ninloz
5191 views, 2638 days ago

I just got this today and wanted to make a quick video. He's alot smaller that I was thinking, but he is thick. The curve and the texture more than make up for his size. :3

2nd Equiknot Play 03:13

2nd Equiknot Play

by ninloz
7355 views, 2645 days ago

So, I was still excited after the first session, and took another go at it. I'm still not used to this much at one time... Enjoy! :D

Equiknot First Time 03:52

Equiknot First Time

by ninloz
12069 views, 2645 days ago

Well, I never thought I'd like this toy so much. ^^; I got it in and had to try it out right away. It seems so simple, but it's shape is perfect. If I got it again, it would probably be a 5 though...

Me Laying My Eggs 04:27

Me Laying My Eggs

by Jayden
25446 views, 2661 days ago

As I'm still waiting on my first BD toy, (equiknot) I decided to make this. Made it not long ago, just never got around to uploading it. And sadly - the battery died just before I could pop out ...

Monster Dildo - Homo Gigantus deep anal 02:12

Monster Dildo - Homo Gigantus deep anal

by bigtoyuser
30781 views, 2668 days ago

That is the 1st time I shoved almost this whole beast deep in my ass. I love this toy, it gives a big stretch. Hope you like it and thanks for any comments.