XL Werehorse Knot 02:51

XL Werehorse Knot

2862 views, 200 days ago

As I said in previous video I had already taken the knot. Its just that it is such a good knot that my ass was sore from the previous session lol. So heres a new session, although short, with me ta...

New Toy - XL Werehorse 11:38

New Toy - XL Werehorse

3181 views, 204 days ago

Got me a XL Werehorse from Exotic Erotics. Ive had it for about a week now, knotted it a few times. Its not exactly the easiest thing to knot and it feels like my guts are sore so im taking a break...

More Gelatin Fun 08:39

More Gelatin Fun

4406 views, 489 days ago

Havent uploaded in awhile. Figured for my return vid I'd give yall something to enjoy thats not commonly seen.

XL Infinity Star Flint 08:08

XL Infinity Star Flint

10155 views, 763 days ago

Very pretty toy! So glad I asked support for this custom color. I've actually had this big guy since Feb, been using it pretty much nightly ever since. Love the way the head tugs on its way out. Su...

Gelatin 'Egg'? 08:47

Gelatin 'Egg'?

12148 views, 903 days ago

Going off the Splorch how to vid on youtube, I've been making my own eggs. I could use egg molds, but i prefer bigger things :P

A new toy 13:12

A new toy

9527 views, 1017 days ago

Finally did it. I ordered a XL Flared Chance. I love it with a passion.

J'kar the Karabos 10:14

J'kar the Karabos

7201 views, 1282 days ago

This was actually a gift! Thanks fission2, im really liking him. XL Xar in Onyx Black, medium firmness. This thing is quite massive, and being shorter means its way more fun to get inside as it ...

Fun with Arkady 15:37

Fun with Arkady

8095 views, 1396 days ago

I've gotten pretty good at taking my XL Fusion. I think It's time to upgrade, but I'm unsure as to what I should get next. Kept sound in the vid this time cause I know yall seem to like that. Also...