4chan Twink takes Large Chance Again 21:27

4chan Twink takes Large Chance Again

by Throwaway420
1708 views, 30 days ago

Gosh dang I wish this was me but nope, enjoy the butt filling

 Sparking off with Flint 05:43

Sparking off with Flint

by gargoyleboi
5598 views, 393 days ago

So I wasn't going to originally recorded this butt play session but I ended up deciding to anyway it turned out pretty good and I actually filmed it landscape this time AND rendered it properly. H...

Riding the Chance 03:11

Riding the Chance

by CarsBigAsBars
8003 views, 405 days ago

Kinda gay socks and stuff. Check out my Tumblr for more stuff. https://carsbigasbars.tumblr.com/

Werewolf Cum Dumpster (Halloween Special) 10:39

Werewolf Cum Dumpster (Halloween Special)

by Fenicore
12142 views, 409 days ago

The clock strikes midnight as Fenicore makes his way home from his Halloween festivities, exhausted from a rough night of abuse, when he hears a haunting howl from the nearby trees. A pit forms in ...

Chance filling my butt 07:15

Chance filling my butt

by Tetchy
3591 views, 422 days ago

Decided to give chance some delicious rump. My tiny butt wasn't ready, as projected in the (too) long a time struggling to get him in, but in the end, it paid off handsomely. :3

Rex Knot Fuck ?? 02:39

Rex Knot Fuck ??

by Junee
25516 views, 425 days ago

Been a while, new video. Rex is amazing. Might* have a 'premium' video up for grabs that's a bit longer and includes three whole toys, WOAH. Check http://junesnowpaw2.tumblr.com/ for details.

purple clayton 03:16

purple clayton

by 9T4xU
1693 views, 427 days ago

gah, the texture on this one makes my legs weak every time I sink down onto it…at the end I did actually get all of my knuckles in! Large Clayton, 3 soft, no tube.

Trying Out The Chance Sheath 06:56

Trying Out The Chance Sheath

by MrDrake
3294 views, 443 days ago

Got the Chance Sheath awhile ago and have been wanting to have it used on me. Haven't had the chance to hang out with a friend yet so I tried it out on a toy. Was pretty fun and I look forward to m...