Riding the Chance 03:11

Riding the Chance

by CarsBigAsBars
8173 views, 475 days ago

Kinda gay socks and stuff. Check out my Tumblr for more stuff. https://carsbigasbars.tumblr.com/

Chance filling my butt 07:15

Chance filling my butt

by Tetchy
3704 views, 492 days ago

Decided to give chance some delicious rump. My tiny butt wasn't ready, as projected in the (too) long a time struggling to get him in, but in the end, it paid off handsomely. :3

Rex Knot Fuck ?? 02:39

Rex Knot Fuck ??

by Junee
26611 views, 495 days ago

Been a while, new video. Rex is amazing. Might* have a 'premium' video up for grabs that's a bit longer and includes three whole toys, WOAH. Check http://junesnowpaw2.tumblr.com/ for details.

purple clayton 03:16

purple clayton

by 9T4xU
1812 views, 497 days ago

gah, the texture on this one makes my legs weak every time I sink down onto it…at the end I did actually get all of my knuckles in! Large Clayton, 3 soft, no tube.

Thick Mr Humongous Dildo 01:05

Thick Mr Humongous Dildo

by bigtoyuser
2487 views, 517 days ago

Mr humongous could be 2 inches longer and have a suction cup, but it is still an intense ride!

Riding Chance in my rainbow socks 12:50

Riding Chance in my rainbow socks

by _Fox_Rawr_
3993 views, 520 days ago

Fenrir + Chance + socks = fun This is my video! I had to deactivate my old account.

Riding a Large Chance (Bonus Creampie) 04:25

Riding a Large Chance (Bonus Creampie)

by Fenicore
5522 views, 524 days ago

Had a fun time riding Chance to a juicy creampie. What more can I say? Felt great as always. I never noticed I shake this much when riding. XD

Large Chance riding 02:15

Large Chance riding

by lavenderrock
5300 views, 527 days ago

My favourite toy <3