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My first big toy session in a while... Shot with a ridiculous camera setup I probably won't use often lol

knotfucking, as a warmup 07:21

knotfucking, as a warmup

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💫 💀 | I hadn't really tried knotfucking much & it turns out my body seems to rly like it lkjfds | The weredog xl jack is still a challenge and I hadn't tried it in this position before...

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stupid horse

no nut without knot november UwU 09:14

no nut without knot november UwU

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Trying a longer video with less cuts... 🤷‍♀️ black friday sale on hole | No audio because it was bad idk, I'll figure out how to get good audio sometime

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🤷‍♀️🕳 Weredog xl jack is still really overwhelming for me, but in a good way... it's SO thick right from the start... h

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Apparently I can just go straight from lubing up with my hand directly to xl chance now................. Trying to be quiet so I don't annoy the neighbors jdsklf

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video from a few months ago I never posted where I ride all my toys from smallest to largest UwU

getting deeper w weredog Jack XL 03:09

getting deeper w weredog Jack XL

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I wasn't planning on doing a video tonight bc i havent shaved in a while and I feel gross and honestly I haven't used toys in a couple weeks so I didn't expect this session to go so well,,, but the...