xl flared chance split screen video 04:37

xl flared chance split screen video

by bigballsnow
6341 views, 121 days ago

my first attempt to make a split screen video... my xl flared chance fucked me til the balls, on the end you can see how chance bulging my belly! i love it :-)

Chance XL First Time 03:49

Chance XL First Time

by Fenicore
6171 views, 336 days ago

My first time with my new XL Chance. He feels SOOOOO good. Trying a new recording method, now with sound! :D

Conquering the XL David 04:53

Conquering the XL David

by MikeyM
9753 views, 747 days ago

My first public video! It took me some practice to be able to take an XL David fully (from a large Apollo). The combination of its 11+" circumference knot and 10+" length was a challen...

XL Moko Magnificence 10:00

XL Moko Magnificence

by XG01
14598 views, 924 days ago

Xavier takes on an XL Moko. Unscripted, raw, bad lighting and all. Hilting him sure is fun, though!

Hilting Jackson 14:59

Hilting Jackson

by XG01
11231 views, 979 days ago

After a warm-up with a Doc Johnson Python (modified to be able to go in completely), Xavier takes an Exotic-Erotics Jackson all the way.

Slow Ride - A Chance Encounter 04:09

Slow Ride - A Chance Encounter

by XG01
55347 views, 994 days ago

Xavier has an encounter with an extra-large Flared Chance!

Sloppy David 08:32

Sloppy David

by LoopyLupine
5307 views, 1097 days ago

Me taking David from behind with a lot of white lube. Gets a little bit messy.

Nightdrake Quick Ride 04:19

Nightdrake Quick Ride

by SarusTreeleafWolf
13136 views, 1210 days ago

Riding my XL Nightdrake from Bad Dragon, again was pent up and didn't last long