Voodoo Fun~ 10:00

Voodoo Fun~

15933 views, 813 days ago

Sorry it's been a while, but I've been thinking about toying all day~ Due to that, quite a short video, and a quick orgasm~ Just what I needed!

Vibrations~ 04:47


2427 views, 1054 days ago

I hope this is okay. Just me or well my Hitachi wand giving me some sweet loving.

Short Fun~ 04:32

Short Fun~

9084 views, 1122 days ago

Ah sorry this is so short. I completely forgotten to bring my new eggs with me. I promise a better in the near future!

Pink Fun~ 15:54

Pink Fun~

26114 views, 1477 days ago

Finally a new vid~ In my pink socks and pink corset. Using my small crackers, med clayton, and others. *Eggs are from Friskybeast~ If you'd like to see me use more toys (Those are the only ones I...

Crackers and Cole~ 05:34

Crackers and Cole~

40156 views, 1506 days ago

My first vid. Using my lovely small cole and small crackers. Very low sound but will make more vids with sound